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India Ink welcomes contributions from academics, students, members of government, policy wonks, and accomplished professionals working on dynamics and challenges of  the largest democracy on Earth. If you pride yourself on your understanding of India, if you believe you can help add new dimensions to debates that stump politicians and civil society alike, or if you want to draw focus on issues that mainstream media fails to focus on, write to us and our editorial team will work with you to help publish your write-ups and promote more nuanced debate around specific causes. We also do interviews and podcasts on issues that are relevant to our audience. 


style and categories 

We at India Ink accept contributions in the form of opinion pieces as well as analytical writing. Please read India Ink's guidelines and criteria for authors to see which category your write-up qualifies for.  While our editorial team works with authors to publish all pertinent pieces, we highly encourage our contributors to focus on issues of Politics, Economics, Development, and Foreign Policy. 

If you are interested in writing for us, please email us at guindiaink@gmail.com and/or fill out our application here.