India Ink welcomes opinions/editorial, feature stories as well as commentaries and analyses. We like our authors to follow the Berkley Centre/OVPGE Style Guide along with the guidelines provided below.


Opinions are in the form of personal opinions, perspectives, or arguments not exceeding 1000 words. You may use citations, but please limit them to a bare minimum. Opinions are expected to cover the recent news from India and South Asia.

Feature Stories:

In case you have worked with NGOs, think tanks or other civil society organizations in South Asia and would like to share your personal story (or another's but in your own voice), we welcome your contribution. Anonymity may be provided upon request, if the content is sensitive. Language, in this case could be informal, colloquial, or even layman. We find feature stories to be exciting as they're refreshing breaks from academic language and jargon yet within the domain of issues that academia itself tackles. 

Commentary & Analysis:

We envision these to be more analytical and researched pieces. If your research has focused on South Asia and you would like to provide our readers a glimpse of your work, we encourage you to send us a brief in not more than 2000 words. We would also need to publish your original research and would request you to send us your complete research work along with the brief. 

Our Commentary & Analysis section also publishes well researched pieces on any government scheme, policy, or program. We encourage contributors to also send us similar works. 


  1. Hyperlinks: In case of Opinion/Editorials, any facts stated or claims made should be backed up with hyperlinks.

  2. Images/Videos: Wherever you feel necessary, please feel free to add images (from dedicated websites that provide copyright-free pictures. In case you need a list of such websites, please reach out to us) or videos (from YouTube) to your article for visual appeal.

  3. Profile: Please also send us your brief profile complete with a headshot and any social media handle that you would like us to include in your profile as a contributor to India Ink. 


Our publishing cycle will be on a rolling basis, we will share articles as and when they arrive and are ready for publication. 

Copyright shall remain with the authors, enabling them to submit/share their pieces on other websites.

If, contributors commit to write regularly for India Ink, the editorial team will be happy to set up and promote a personal column.


India Ink is an entirely voluntary initiative and does not derive any monetary reward for its work. Its entire team is working out of a passion towards the issues under consideration. Therefore, we are not in a physical capacity to provide any monetary compensation for your contributions.